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E Train to Masada combines moral and political questions spanning 2000 years and three continents. Harry Lang, a rising star at a New York advertising agency in 1968, creates an award winning TV commercial that captivates a President of the United States who has become depressed and all but shattered by the Vietnam debacle.

In an odd turn of events the young “Mad Man” is astonished at being drafted by the President to write his farewell address and is stunned by the leader of the free world’s bizarre directive as to its content.

Madison Avenue, Greenwich Village, Israel after the 1967 Six Day War, the Zealots first century struggle on Masada, plus Hollywood and Washington, D.C. intrigue coalesce as Harry shuttles physically and emotionally through space and time. His obsessions: unanswerable events with implications for all humanity, the fusion of the personal and political, the risks and rewards of love.

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